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Preparing Your Home Before Vacation

Are you excited to take a holiday?

Your home can be as well! Thorough preparation can not only help protect your home and your assets while you are traveling, but it can also contribute to your household with a lot of energy savings to use on mementos. Follow these 5 uncomplicated tips to arrange your house for your vacancy.

Whether it’s a weekday road-trip or a stay at the vacation house, always remind yourself to pursue most of these energy-saving instructions to avert futile expenses while you’re on holiday.

1. Make sure to turn off all the lights.

If you elect to keep many of your lights switched on as a preventative measure, purchase an automatic timer. It can be setup to bring on your lights after late night and early morning hours while preventing wasted energy during the afternoon.

2. Always turn down your air conditioning.

While it is definitely vital to leave the air circulating in your home while you are out, you can drastically reduce energy usage by lowering your thermostat up to eighty-five degrees. If you own a programmable thermostat, simply use the “out of town” setting to continue safe and economical inside temperatures while you’re out.

3. Unplug appliances and electronics.

Even when they’re turned off, anything that’s plugged into the wall can continue to consume energy. By unplugging your devices or using a smart power strip, you’ll avoid wasting standby power. Don’t forget to unplug your washer and dryer, too.

4. Adjust your water heater(s).

Turn your water heater down to “low” or to “vacation” mode. If your pool also uses a heater, consider purchasing a pool cover that will help minimize heat loss so that you can avoid the cost to reheat it.

5. Refrigerator:

If you’ll only be gone a few days, turn your refrigerator’s thermostat up a few degrees. If you’ll be gone more than two weeks, clean and empty the refrigerator, prop the door open, and unplug the unit.

Whether it’s a weekend road-trip or stay at the lake house, remember to follow some of these energy-saving tips to avoid unnecessary expenses while you’re away.

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